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Backyard Cottages-Solutions through Contribution

01 Mar 2010

In our ongoing efforts to increase the efficiency of our homes and the sustainability of our developments we also are taking a look at the variety of ways we can implement our efforts and broaden our impact on the urban built environment.  We are primarily an infill development company and have always focused our work within Seattle’s walkable communities which have strong connections to public transportation.  With these factors in mind, relatively recent news from the DPD has gotten us very excited about Backyard Cottages, aka DADU’s (Detached Accessory Dwelling Units).

There has been a great deal of local discussion around Backyard Cottages (DADU’s) since the Seattle City Council unanimously approved code revisions allowing for these structures on conforming lots city-wide in November of 2009.  Taking into account our familiarity with the infill development process, our extremely talented design team, and a strong dedication to the vitality of our urban communities, it is with great pleasure that we expand our services into Backyard Cottage design and construction.

Backyard Cottages are an excellent way for existing homeowners to provide solutions to many issues concerning the built environment and housing through their individual contributions to urban densification.  Whether you would like to provide affordable housing by renting out your DADU, would like to easily care for aging parents or boomerang children, or would simply like some extra space for yourselves or your stuff; a Backyard Cottage would be a great addition to your home.

These building designs can be easily integrated into the style of your existing home or can signal your modern aspirations.  They are ideally suited to re-use of materials and can be built to the highest standards of efficiency, sustainability, healthy indoor air quality, and reduced impact.  The list of benefits go on and on.

We have provided some helpful links to more information above and would be happy to discuss the possibility of adding a DADU to your backyard.