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House of The Immediate Future Finds Permanent Home at Columbia Station

16 Jan 2013


IMG_4638 Method Homes Dwell Development WetCore Signage Columbia Station_SM

Last week began the final chapter in the construction of the House of the Immediate Future, as “wet core modules” were moved over from Seattle Center to the home’s permanent location at our Columbia Station micro-community.  The pre-fab wet cores were built off-site by Method Homes and include a mechanical room, kitchen and bathrooms aligned in a two-story block.  Building the wet core off-site reduced waste and saved time and money as these components most typically incur overages in both costs and schedules.  The pictures above and images below were supplied by Method Homes.

HOTIF2-605x400 MH Wetcore

The project was initiated by Miller Hull Partnership who came to Habitat For Humanity with the idea of building a sustainable home on the grounds of the Seattle Center in concert with the Next50 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the World’s Fair, and Dwell Development quickly signed on to donate a parcel of land at cost for the home’s permanent location.  Stay tuned for a SlideShare presentation featuring more images from the dramatic move of the wet core from the Seattle Center to Columbia Station.  Meanwhile here’s our own Anthony Maschmedt talking about supplying the infrastructure for the house, how we worked closely with Miller Hull to insure the design matched the other homes at Columbia Station, and the unique aspects of this innovative micro-community: