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Seattle Magazine: Be Green, Save Green with a Green Home

24 Mar 2015


Architecture Spotlight: Reclaimed Modern

23 Mar 2015

Watch Dwell Development’s Anothony Maschmedt describe the unique design process behind our innovative Reclaimed Modern home in Columbia City.


Home Adore: Reclaimed Modern House in Seattle by Julian Weber and Dwell Development

18 Mar 2015


Jetson Green: Energy Efficient Reclaimed Modern House

09 Mar 2015


Built Green News: Net Zero Reclaimed Modern

06 Mar 2015



Design Milk: A New House in Seattle Made From Retired Materials


What Passivhaus Means to Us

04 Feb 2015

We’ve been talking a lot about Passivhaus recently with the completion of Cork Haus. We want to ensure our audience understands what Passivhaus means to us so naturally, we went straight to the source for a short and sweet explanation. Dwell Development’s Owner, Anthony Maschmedt, and Project Manager, Aaron Yankauskas, share their thoughts on Passivhaus […]


Cork Around the World

27 Jan 2015

Cork may be a new building material to many in the United States, but this sustainable material has been used for home and commercial construction in other parts of the world for centuries. Here are some compelling advantages to cork: Unfazed by Moisture: cork is one of the only materials on earth that can be submerged in […]


Architecture Spotlight: Columbia City Story

23 Jan 2015

An up close look at our 42 home sustainable mico-community in Columbia City’s Rainier Vista.


1105 Dwell by Dwell Development

25 Aug 2014

Dwell Development designs and builds houses that are a blend of good design, energy efficient technology, environmental stewardship and above all, a sound financial investment.


Habitat for Humanity: House of the Immediate Future

31 Jul 2014

Watch the ribbon cutting ceremony for Habitat for Humanity’s House of the Immediate Future in Columbia City’s Rainier Vista.


KING5: New Day Northwest with Habitat For Humanity

04 Feb 2014

Dwell Development back on New Day Northwest! Since our last appearance we’ve had some incredible news to share so we did a little catch up, first updating Margaret about our Department Of Energy Challenge Home win and Built Green Hammer win, both this last fall.  We are very proud that Susan Stasik, our lead broker from […]